Hi we don’t have a business address for the Calgary location and of course, it’s not online. DO NOT purchase from this breeder. She claims to have given me a massive 600$ discount already on the dog but he was already listed for the lower price on her website to begin with so it wasn’t that big of a deal, and refused to acknowledge that change she made. The house/shop is right beside the road. Having never purchased a dog from a breeder, I don’t necessarily know what to expect. Below is a link to a Nanton news article regarding Andrea and Debbie being denied a permit from the municipality based on the amount of dogs they had and the conditions they were being housed in. I hadn’t quite saved up that much especially after paying her the 350 for the procedure! Debbie has asked us to publish her story so you can learn from her mistakes. This prestigious group is home to the top Pomsky breeders in the United States. Cute, cuddly and perfect dogs for city living. It is your right. Sawprior Pet Sitters. And the hundreds of garbage bags piled around the broken down silver suv. Find Pomsky in Dogs & Puppies for Rehoming | Find dogs and puppies locally for sale or adoption in Canada : get a boxer, husky, German shepherd, pug, and more on Kijiji, Canada's #1 Local Classifieds. The conditions for the dogs outside are one thing, but there are as many or more locked in crates/kennels in both the house and the shop. We have contacted Canadian Pomski and have not heard anything back And they don’t have a phone number listed. Hey, did you guys ever receive your puppy? Dont litter this thread with your personal feelings towards the breed when others have valid questions and are interested in finding out more about the breeder. The high quality Pomskies that are bred at Chinook are some of the most amazing one’s you’ll find throughout North America as their reputation speaks for itself. My boyfriend and I have emailed the breeder several times and received two replies: the first one within hours and the second one about 5 days later. Pomsky Rescue: Volunteer Application; Home; Breeder Directory; Breeder Directory. If you don’t seem to be a good fit/home for one of her Pomskies- why bother wasting time sending you an email back? I would just like to know the outcome of what has happened since it has been some time since May. Her physical location for the puppy mill operation is approximately half a mile east of the intersection of twp rd 144 and range road 265. If you want to adopt a pet, look to a rescue. I am looking for a Pomsky also and browsed a couple of Website but I was considering Canadian Pomsky, now I am worried that the Breeder is not legitimate if they are not retuning their emails. I put my deposit down, but now I’m freaking out. You can check out the official Canadian Pomsky site for more details as well as their Adoptions Qualification Page. The majority of the older breeder dogs now have hip displacia issues. Web Design by Andrea Berens. If you’re questioning if a breeder is a scam, contact us, we’ll review the breeder and let you know if it’s a scam or not. I’m not sure whats going on right now and why no one can get ahold of her as I’ve been trying too. Hi, Did you get your puppy? Our goal is to produce cute, fluffy, loving and healthy furry family members! Probably. This is insane. At first everything was smooth, fast responses and I even went twice to see the place as I live close and asked a lot of questions. All Rights Reserved WooFDriver. If you have a minute, I would really love to know! It was CRAZY!! I’ve given up and am looking for another breeder. With 4 cute kids, 6 dogs, a cat, and a bearded dragon, they provide an ideal environment to their puppies who are well-socialized before handed ever to their forever families. Happy families, customer reviews, pomsky puppies for sale, pomskies for sale. Were there any behavioural or socialization problems with your pup as one of the other posters mentioned? Almost everything we could have needed for the first few weeks of welcoming her to her new home. 2-Welcome! There’s no possible way these dogs get attention. I was really in love with that dog and she broke my heart as well as my husband’s heart and the hearts of my oldest 2 kids because my 2 year old didn’t know to much. Required fields are marked *, 5 years ago / 28277, ©2017 Copyright. When you go to their location, there are hundreds of dogs running around. I read all of these reviews before making my decision as well and almost backed out because of them. Lots of Instagram pics. ESPECIALLY if you happen to have a concern or a question after you’ve purchased a dog from them. She is a real example of cuteness overload, gentle, playful, affectionate, smart, active and fearless in a charming toy-dog way. I ultimately hate this lady for canceling sending my puppy to me, and taking off with my money. Please do not support this. With so few reviews, your opinion of Canadian Pomsky could be huge. Always remember, most people only post reviews in anger or being upset with a product or service. She loves to see our girls growth and how happy she is in her new home! May I ask why you were never able to get your money back? We have a Pomsky from Pomsky perfection in the US, fantastic dog great personality well socialised. There are several Pomskies out there that may not actually be Pomsky. I tried replying to the email address that the automatic message came from but after about a week still no answer. Sorry Milo, but you are mistaken. MD denies Stavely kennel application For more information, visit the Chinook Pomsky official site and see for yourself what so many other Pomsky lovers have already realized. He has DIPG and we would rather not wait months just for a response as a puppy would do wonders for his happiness during this time. I’m disappointed that we aren’t getting the puppy and so sad for the dogs. Canadian Pomskies is run by a family who’s been in the industry for years and has put lots of time and effort into researching how to properly breed a Husky and Pomeranian to produce the perfect Pomsky! 104. Becoming a sort of inherited generational business, breeding dogs has helped give Chinook Pomsky the experience, dedication, knowledge that we all would expect from a top rated Pomsky breeder. January 19, 2021. This means that instead of having a Pomsky Mom and Pomsky dad, many will still have a Husky Mom and a Pomeranian Dad. Hi Jordan, I used [email protected] Hi I put down a deposit for a pomsky pup last week and now i am trying to contact them for information on the delivery etc and i haven’t heard back from anyone. Hi Sarah, do you perhaps have an address for Andrea? I’m so happy I trusted my gut instinct and gave it a chance because it was the best decision of my life! Don’t buy from puppy mills. Do you know how much your pup will weigh aprox. This kennel operation was denied in 2013 so how did they still manage to become a full breeder. Wish you all the best. Super fluffy and cuddly teddy bear face. She said she gets back to e-mail the fastest, and that was the best way to contact her. And I even wrote a letter by snail mail. 1 min read. One person cannot possibly provide clean food, water, or bedding to that many dogs. Infuriating. The owner/breeder has had her fair share of unkindness toward the animals on property. Hi Ashley, did you receive your puppy? so that freaked me out a bit. Being close I’ve seen first hand that they are not true to their word of the amount of dogs allotted on the property, they’ve surpassed the proposed amount and now are (as I would conisder) a hoarding situation. The expectation is for the dog to weigh about half of the combined weight of each of its parents. Would you be willing to walk me through your experience? There aren’t even puppies available and I have NOT put a deposit, but she is allowing us to visit and see her adult dogs and living conditions. I find this very frustrating and is giving me the ‘red flag’ feeling. Jennie and Phillips Ontario.Canada It was really upsetting with me that she didn’t update his photo within a reasonable time frame because he even looked so much older then the pictures advertised. She gave me her cell number right away. You can find a lot of informative (and bad) press on Andrea of Canadian Pomsky simply by Googling and reading a bit. Its done by artificial insemination and the female dog is always the husky breed because she is bigger and can handle the puppies. DO you have any contact info of their kennel or andrea aside from their email? Do you know what her business address is for the sawprior business? I am a college student who works very hard and was so excited to save up money for them and now I am very worried. She took offense from me and then SHE BACKED OUT! So much that I didn’t think it was him. We saw what we felt would be the perfect older dog on the site to come join our family. When we did some reviews and we got told “ease on the side of caution” that my decision. There are no longer employees working there and haven’t been in nearly a year and the owner has not lived on the property for nearly 3 years. I actually saw echo on her site! Andrea had NO issues providing us with the E-transfer details, but after that, she has been MIA!!!!! We did and had huge problems and they completely ignored us. 3 talking about this. I am starting to think this is a scam, which is very unfortunate as I was excited to buy a puppy. I emailed a breeder in Ontario who responded within a few hours and I have an in person visit planned in a few weeks. See what other families are saying about their new puppy! Hi, I am currently in the process of trying to adopt from Andrea. He changed a lot during his baby puppy phase! Canadian Pomsky is perhaps the largest Canadian Pomsky breeder north of the border, and size doesn’t exactly mean it’s the only thing they represent. We hoped to look at a puppy we have been discussing with them and have a meet and greet with our dog this weekend. I was very impressed withn their operation, facility and everything. Our Luna came home with all of her vaccinations, pet insurance trial, microchipped, three-year health guarantee and more. Our puppies have exc Andrea was absolutely amazing through the entire adoption process. 6 healthy pups…They are a FAV FAD now but they have been around. I’ve been trying to get a puppy from them (Canadian Pomsky) but andrea takes forever to reply. All breeder members of the IPA have agreed to follow our Code of Ethics. To be honest this is the first time I’m taking the time to write a review in general- but I wanted to express how happy I am to have adopted my Luna and give others the reassurance to do the same! Everything went smooth, and I joined an announcement list for the pomsky that are to be announced on april 24th, but I still have not received anything. I have all the emails to back this up. It provides registry services for all purebred dogs it officially recognizes.Provides governance for all CKC approved dog shows, dog trials and canine events.Finally, the CKC is a communication organization informing all people interested in dogs. This page is for pictures only! Just wanted to share my experience. Litter Announcement List- Be the 1st to know when new Pomsky puppies arrive! They said they were motivated to find her a home (aka motivated to sell her) as they said she was “on sale” and also open to offers if still interested. Pomeranian female which only weighs anywhere from 3 to 8 pounds CAN NOT be BREED with a LARGE 25 plus pound HUSKY!!! False puppy salesAsks to have money e transfered to [email protected] to the name of jacqueline louck.Puppy clearly never shows up and they keep asking for more money for permits and registration. I know I few people wanted to get a puppy from them. So don’t expect quick follow up service if there is a problem. How did you manage to contact Canadian Pomsky to get your pup? Has any one actually got a puppy from these people or have an adress for them. 5. Didn’t receive your puppy? DO NOT get this puppy Our biggest tip to avoid scams: work with a registered breeder from a pomsky breed club. She offered me water to drink and was very kind. I had to e-mail her again for the videos. Socialized pomsky Puppies Home and the entire Team were FANTASTIC. First time I ever did research for myself on which brand I would like my dog to be on rather then go with the breeders suggestion. female pomeranian that only weighs 3 to 8 pounds will die if she is breed with a large 25 plus pound Husky. He is afraid of people mostly males and it has cost me a lot of money for a dog behaviourist. But right when i cancelled they call us saying why we cancelled How do the puppies act? 3 years ago I tried and tried to get a hold of this breeder, to no avail. My expirence with this breeder has been deemed negative. They said within 72 hours but it has been a week with no reply. He is the cutest thing in the flippen world. Based in Calgary giving each one of their Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians the love and affection they deserve has helped them introduce the type of Pomsky you may be looking for. I’m devastated. It is completely unprofessional, and one can only hope that she is devoting her time to taking care of her 20 or so puppies that she seems to have on hand at all times (puppy mill anyone?). The dogs end up here, dropped in the yard with anywhere from 50 -75 others of various sizes and breeds. We hope you will enjoy your Pomsky as much as we do!!" We gave up on trying to adopt from Canadian Pomsky after repeated attempts to contact Andrea over several months and a lack of a prompt or an informative response from her when she did finally reply. The pomsky breed is definitely a wonderful breed to be introduced into city living but do your homework first. I just put a deposit down on a pup from Canadian Pomsky. Breeders are selling for profit – that is not considered an adoption. Could have been that she didn’t like that I wanted to change his puppy food from the royal canin to wellness core. What’s In This Guide. Find out if they’ve been approved by the municipality for a large kennel operation. Very sketchy. 188 talking about this. They have a health guarantee that takes the worrying out of buying a new Pomsky giving you the peace of mind for three years with a Health and Genetic Guarantee. For those of you who are newcomers, let us introduce oureselves. If we find more location information for Calgary we’ll post it. Is this type of communication (or lack thereof) typical for this breeder? All puppies should have more then friendly personalities. Nanton is only and hour from here. We started looking for puppies as soon as our beloved cat passed away. I would recommend Andrea from Canadian Pomsky to anyone. It is definitely not a puppy mill, I have three pomskies from this breeder, ranging from 12-22 lbs. but I went for it considering the self-isolation we are currently facing in this time and age. You’re correct Josh a female husky can carry pups from the male poms seeman, however it’s all done through artificial isemination as it is not physically possible to breed a male Pom with a female husky. So im wondering if they are legit?.. South of Nanton on Hwy 2, east on twp rd 144 for approx. I am getting a little concerned if i got ripped off? WITH NO ONE ACTUALLY LIVING THERE. We have put our deposit down and are meant to pick up our puppy, but Andrea has not responded with an address. Demand is high for small-sized Pomskies sporting ice-blue eyes or the typical black and white Siberian Husky features. This company is all about profit on the animal and not the animals wellbeing. *We very often have Pomsky puppies available and there are So im wondering if they are legit?.. Or ‘because they’re an expensive breed I expect to be treated like a valuable customer’. As much as you might want to save these puppies though, don’t buy from this person. With the exception of North Spirit Pomskies – the person who I touch based with was pretty amazing. We were so excited thinking this puppy would become a part of our family. Not to mention the attention required to make these into properly socialized family pets. the female pomeranian can not handle a LARGE puppy in her tummy especially when she only weighs 3 to 8 pounds. Obviously they dont breed them the natural way. I emailed again and was told they were traveling an would get back to me. Welcome! I am one of several neighbours and can tell you firsthand that this is a puppy mill operation. They arent answering emails or her personal cell phone. again please go to your local shelter. Pomskies can inherit any aspect of their parent breeds’ temperaments, and in potentially unpredictable combinations. Definitely agree. Though the kennels may be set up accordingly to the municipality standards (which in this ones opinion need to be raised) there is certainly an over the limit (stated in the business proposal) amount of dogs on the property. just a quick question here, did you fill out the contact page and then she emailed you, or did you just email her? Web Design by Andrea Berens, Canadian Pomsky Review – Canadian Pomsky Breeder. He had changed so much since her pictures she had posted him up for sale as. Then she sent me updated photos of the dog. Not only did it cost a lot of money to buy my dog it was not properly socialized. She’s so damn cute I made her an Instagram. The high quality Pomskies that are bred at Chinook are some of the most amazing one’s you’ll find throughout North … Thanks so much! The email was very pleasant and detailed! 6 Tips to Avoid Pomsky Scams Scammers will do anything to make a quick buck. Bowtie worked with me to arrange a pickup time that fit my schedule and provided all of the necessary paperwork and information. She offers drop off and pick up. Moving on to my girl: when we got her she didn’t know what it was like to be pet. We are in the Nanton, High River area and cant find them. Ive spent alot of time out there and was very impressed with their operation and the owner Andrea. This Pomsky breeder in Canada has become well-known, and has helped typify the dog breeding itself. You’re a valuable customer when you show care about the puppy you want to bring into your family- not because you have money. So they are completely unattended from early evening until the next morning. Have you thought about the way you’ve addressed her? Scroll to page 12. http://www.mdwillowcreek.com/devfiles/minutes/June%2019,%202013_MPC.pdf. please go to your local shelter. Please, do your homework. Could you please give me her contact information, I must have the old email address and phone number. *Currently, in order to ensure your choice of puppy, we encourage you to be added to our Announcement List. Hi Wadee, The owner Andrea was very nice. They also included more photos for us to fawn over. In the case of Canadian Pomsky, profit is the sole motivation. New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Canada. I’ve been trying to get a puppy from them (Canadian Pomsky) but andrea takes forever to reply. 8 miles. I fell in love with my puppy I got from them and couldn’t be happier to have her in my life. I’ve been trying to get ahold of her for another puppy as well as utilize her kennel service she offers, but I haven’t been able to in the past 5 months. Has anyone actually purchased one of their puppies? can anyone share any experiences please. She doesn’t answer emails on weekends and his procedure was on Friday so I wanted to know how he was doing and she didn’t get back to me till that Monday. I just sent an email to her to inquire about a small pomsky. So I was going over budget for the month, but I was willing to do it anyway and found the extra couple hundred. Do you know how to get a hold of someone from Canadian Pomsky? I had placed a deposit on him anyway and paid for his procedure to be fixed. For everybody asking, I got my dog for Andrea. He is the cutest dog ever and I love him to death. Our experience was good. How can I be sure that they will actually send me the puppy after giving them money? Canadian Pomsky. I am a little worried. Find an actual breeder. I think there are several warning signs here. Click My Clobber Women's Life Is Better With A Pomsky Fitted Cotton T-Shirt 14 Fuchsia, iLeesh iP50182 iLove My Pomeranian iPhone 5 Case, http://eedition.nantonnews.com/doc/Nanton-News/nantonnews_07032013/2013071701/8.html#8. It is not a difficult thing to do if you evidence of receipts and these emails, you don’t need a lawyer and it’s either free or about $50 or something. A Pomsky price will vary anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.Pricing can depend on various factors, such as the size and markings or the parents pedigree. Thanks, Do you happen to have their address? Without adequate shelter or anyone on site. We are a small family breeder located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills in Littleton, CO. We fell in love with the breed while raising our first Pomsky puppy, Joy, and are now passionate about building awareness and appreciation for this sought-after crossbreed! It’s very weird and seems way out of character. I bought a puppy from Andrea in the summer. Providing high quality Pomskies too many consumers around North America including Canada and the United States, their reputation has superseded themselves as being one of the top breeders worldwide. If you do get ahold of someone let me know please. Wouldn’t have been out money. No answer. I wish I had listened to them and not bothered emailing this woman period. Hi Sarah! Barb and Mike are amazing to deal with, the puppies are very well taken care of and properly socialized before finding their forever homes. Pomsky puppy for sale in Ft Worth TX, Dallas TX, OK City OK, Memphis TN, Orlando FL, Kansas City, St Louis IL Chicago IL Atlanta GA Pomksy puppy for sell I am a VERY long time dog owner. But she said it was. 0 views. We got our Pomsky Echo from North Star Pomsky in Millet they were great and we would highly recommend. My friend has paid half of the money for his pup and she hasn’t returned his phone calls or emails for over a week now. I am going up to visit my darling pomsky next week and then if all goes well, I will bring her home before the end of July. Any suggestions you have would be great! Their adoption process comes with an in-depth screening process to make sure that you are matched with the perfect Pomsky. Not good place to get a dog. Hi there Pomsky Owner. I have purchased a pup from this breeder prior to Christmas. The puppies never Grow bigger than the … he is as Andrea described and more. Back in April I contacted them via their contact form online and outlined that I was interested in one of their older Pomskies. Don’t buy from puppy mills. The only way I could possible describe this place is similar to that of a puppy mill. Hello and welcome to our page! Infuriating. This is absolutely terrible and I wish there was some way to stop her from furthering this cycle of puppy mill behaviour. :). She hated being picked up and won’t roll onto her back even for belly rubs. I have been very frustrated at times. My friend has been trying to contact them and is getting nothing. Hi Wadee, i am also trying to get a pup from them. Even though Andrea had bad reviews, I still took the time to fill out application and send it to her. Several weeks have passed and I have not received any emails (and I have checked junk mail). This is a ridiculous comment and you are being a troll. I decided I am going to go through the courts and serve her. She also hasn’t gotten back to an e-mail I sent one week ago today about him. My husband is disappointed because he told everybody we were getting this beautiful dog because he liked him so much and then had to tell everybody what happened. I was a little red flagged about how many dogs there were there (some were spoken for though) and the cleanliness. Every age. These two breeds are quite different, so predicting a Pomsky’s appearance and personality can be tough. I wish I would have googled her name and came across this post before we bought our puppy. Maybe we need to get the SPCA to go an check on these people and see what’s going on, certainly don’t seem to want to sell anything. Though this may be the largest breeder in North America it is certainly not the most compassionate towards their dogs. I feel bad for all the dogs listed on her website at this point. I have been in contact with her but haven’t gotten any replies lately and I am starting to get worried [email protected]. It was love at first sight! Just look at all the negative type reviews. Your email address will not be published. We were so excited and planning how to get there and then she just never answered again when I asked to talk by phone. She was very professional, prompt, helpful (she even saved us an hour drive when we went to pick her up) and we could tell how much she cared about the puppies well-being. I also have sent a few email using their online form but with no response. Hi Josh, how was your experience with Canadian Pomsky? Again – this is a choice and she put zero pressure for any money transfers. Unfortunately scams even happen in the dog world. Before writing this nonsense online, and putting your abject stupidity on display, do some research outside the frame of Facebook. The first just a simple, “hey just wanted to follow up on the adoption (:” and the second, “if you do not think we are suitable for this pup I understand, I would just like to be made aware (:” and still nothing. Look at this recent posting from 5 days ago where she’s selling pomsky puppies for $1200. I see my boy on the web-site still for sale and we got him 9 days ago. 5/29/2019. You’ll know it by the number of dogs who run to the fence as you drive up. She asked what our budget was, and we told her, and now it’s been over a week with no response – we even sent 2 follow up emails. There are two other breeders in Alberta that I am aware of, and I would highly recommend that anyone interested in adopting a Pomsky to reach out to them. This is disrespectful to customers and raises concern for the care and well being of the dogs. We live in BC and are very interested in one of their puppies. The average is between 20 and 30 pounds. 2. We have since met 2 dogs from this breeder one at the dog park today, which attacked our dog, both dogs we have come across seem to have socialisation problems. It was just a bit of a shock at first especially because there was no puppy face left, he was all grown up. I sent deposit and he was ours. We had to physically train her to enjoy human touch. I tried again after Christmas 2019 and she actually got back to me! Desperately looking for a pomsky for my son. Can you email me with what happened ? In response e-mails, Andrea seems nice and I hope the dogs are being properly cared for. we had the same holdback after reading the reviews here. Because those dogs running around the yard don’t look nearly so “happy” when it’s -20 and colder. He is an awesome puppy. All 5 of us wanted his name to be cloud. Do your research everyone and go with your gut feeling about this breeder. Pomsky Puppies are adorable. And we have to stay over night. With the many happy consumers worldwide, there’s no wonder why they’ve become one of the best Canadian Pomsky breeders, but one of the best in the period. We are so happy we found them. Pomsky puppies are the designer dog breeds of male Pomeranians and female Siberian Huskies. I even looked up her sawprior business. The woman was super nice and respectful and helped me every step of the way so this is just one person saying it was great but it couldn’t have gone better. Welcome to Pomsky Canada. I trust her and cannot wait to visit without any pressure. The female husky can hold a male pom’s pups. Anyways, on another note here is my personal experience with them.. We brought home our beautiful girl from Canadian Pomsky just under a month ago. Her phone number is 403-918-8590. Its really frustrating and they dont accept paypal for payments. I have two things to say to you – first I got my pup from zzkennel.com in the states they are just a small family breeder but really care about the dogs and socialize them well, only do 1 or 2 litters a year they just had some new ones. For Canadian Pomsky to have this many litters at one time does sound shady… puppy mill? We received an adorable Teacup pomsky Puppy yesterday here in Ontario and we couldn't be more pleased. If you give a time frame then as a breeder/company you should comply with it otherwise don’t post a time frame at all. If any one has questions about the breed and my interaction with them I’d be glad to chat with you and send you pictures of my mini Siberian. We found North Star Pomskies and honestly, what a difference.

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